Friday, January 4, 2013

Companies who ignore you on Twitter

Twitter can be a great but trying to get a response from companies with a presence on these kinds of social networks can be a horribly frustrating experience.  I read a report (here) that suggested 70% of companies don't respond on social networks, citing 'fear' as the main reason.  To that end, I have decided to only do business with companies who take a proactive approach to their social networking footprint.  And here, I'm also including companies who send stock answers or have a 'not us' attitude.  I bet they're all shitting themselves now.

So far, the following (very small) list of companies I will resolutely try and avoid in any way shape or form in the future because they steadfastly refuse to answer any tweet whatsoever:

@barclaysonline - although, avoiding these is also a moral undertaking I urge anyone to take.
@crosscountryuk .. because .. just because.
@passengerfocus (indeed, these went so far as to blocking me because I blogged a criticism of them).
@o2 because I tweeted that they never respond to tweets and they never tweeted back to say they didn't not reply to tweets.  Got that?

Will add more when I can find them or if people want to send me their experiences.

See here for the opposite list to this one i.e. the companies I WANT to do business with because they HAVE responded to my tweets.

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